Move Your Butt is the WeSea campaign to put cigarette butts pollution to an end. 

Littering of cigarette butts is socially acceptable in many places even to this day, and many smokers unfortunately don’t think twice before leaving a trail of cigarette litter behind them. Scattered along green spaces, sidewalks, roads, and on the beach – cigarette butts are one of the most common man-made litter items in the world. Each one of these filters is made of plastic and contains a cocktail of toxic chemicals after being used. These tiny items pose a serious threat to the health of the environment not only by physically contributing to litter but as introducing many hazardous chemicals as well.

Alongside meticulous cleaning operations, increased awareness, and many more, our Move Your Butt campaign strives to make cigarette butts pollution a thing of the past.


Our cone-shaped cardboard ashtrays are an easy solution to prevent cigarette litter on the beach! Just place the ashtray into the ground and fill it with a handful of sand to extinguish and store the butts. When done, remove the ashtray from the beach and shake it lightly to drain the sand through the hole at the tip of the cone, leaving only the cigarette butts inside. The ashtray then can be stored flat and reused or recycled with standard cardboard waste.

Supported by the environmental unit and the local municipality of Eilat, Israel, these colourful ashtrays are recently accessible and free to use in almost all of the coastal businesses in their area.

© Marcos Schönholz | WeSea


Daughters of the Sea is an artistic project to raise awareness and fight cigarette butts pollution. Through this unique collaboration with Plasticiet – a Rotterdam based company producing building materials from discarded plastics, and Galerie Philia – an international contemporary sculptural design and art gallery, innovative techniques are used to upcycle the plastic components of cigarette butts found on the shorelines into figurines of corals. This striking act of fusing cigarette butts – one of the most common items of waste on Earth, with coral reefs – the vibrant symbol of life in the ocean, adds a new perspective to this issue of cigarette butts pollution, has easily captured the interest of art lovers and activists alike, and has a profound impact on the public’s behaviour.

WeSea x Plasticiet 


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